Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 4th

We got a few sparklers for the kids while Aiyla was fortunate enough to go the stadium of fire with Grandma.As you can see Korbin was NOT wanting anything to do with them.

Here's Kyle trying to get Korbin to hold it so I could get a few pics..
That obviously didn't happen.

Korbin was screaming at kyle here.

He tried to get as far away from that as fast as he could!

Kamber was a pretty good sport for me tho.

In the end they ended up throwing the snaps

And Korbin hating those just as much.. oh well there's always next year!

Red Robin

Korbin LOVES balloons more than anything! We have to ask for one everytime he sees one somewhere!

Korbin is obviously his moms son! He loves sauces more than I do!

Kam and Me

Korbin and Dad

Friday, July 4, 2008

It's ZOO time!

We go to the zoo every summer this year was fun cuz all the kids were old enough to care about where we were. We went to pay and the guy asked if kyle or anyone in his family was in the military, he said his brother was and just got discharged for getting his legs blown off. (His wording not mine) So the guy let us all go in for free! GO USA! Waiting patiently to go in. Me and the Kids

Looking at some Lizards . Me and Aiyla
Korbin loved to tease this snake!

Kamber loving her nice cold snow cone
Aiyla and dad looking at the ducks, now those are rare around here! By the end of the day everyone was tired and hot, they got to rest but dad never does!

I'm blogging!!

SO... I got talked into it. I've wanted to start one for a while now but I didn't realize how computer illiterate I am! I finally figured out the basics but it might take me a while to get into the swing of things.