Monday, October 13, 2008

Halloween Cookies

My Kids saw Kim's blog with her girls making cookies so I thought I would copy her and do some of my own.. they loved them.
My awesome decorating.

Kyle sure enjoyed it!

Kamber and Korbin
Sisters, its so nice when they like each other! It's hit and miss.
Kam's cookie

Korbin such my cute boy.
His cookie... I'm not even sure they ate them they just like to decorate them.

Aiyla loved doing this, she is my creative one.

Her beautiful cookie

Playing around

Kyle giving horsey rides.
Korbin thought this was the funniest thing ever!! Kyle was making his feet move so he was "walking on the ceiling"

Our cute Cassie

End of summer fun!

Our newest member of the family, Cassie
Kam is our moody child, just like her mother. I always tell her how cute she is. So when she is in trouble she says "FINE I'm not cute!!" and lately she is telling me that I'm not cute Haha
Kyles new favorite past time...
The kids outside enjoying the warm weather while it lasts!